WHO SAYS ? part I

By Nadya Anggraini


Vany, a litle girl with small body, oval face and blue eyes. Shoulder-length hair and always tied like a ponytail. Skin looks dull and bright but not be well taken care of. Personal appearance for Vany is not a very-very important. Style like a guy and his cool demeanor makes him different from other girls.
Saturday morning, all students of Senior High  School Wirakartika are already lined up neatly and spread their hands and are ready to follow the gym in the morning. Routine and mandatory activities. Vany has always been a gymnastics instructor and has always been the most excited girl. That morning, as usual Vany dress, short knee-length sweatpants, T-shirt and jacket. Equipped with sports shoes.
After the exercise, the female to the bathroom and change their clothes. Especially the girls who put appearances. Klara and friends are including from the girls.
“Hey abnormal girl , why do not you change your clothes? Sour smells like rotten cabbage “chirps Klara.
“Oh. Should not you? “Argued Vany.
Out of the room changing clothes, spit-advance direct Klara Vany weakness. But Vany responded with a nonchalant attitude and pretend not to know. Gita close friend Vany bothered Klara behavior that affects other friends to insult Vany.
Gita is a friend Vany with feminine appearance, long hair with a round purple body accessories. In the canteen during lunchtime, Vany was sitting with a strange style, lifting legs on a chair and Gita too was sitting next to him politely. Gio suddenly come directly sitting on their desks. Gio is a famous guy, smart basketball player, student achievement, and is known as a guy who has never been courting.
“Hey girl weird, can’t you any time concern with appearance and personal hygiene? Already squalid, smell, never neat and always look likes guy . how come a guy who likes and interest.” Mocked Gio.

Vany didn’t say anything. She just smile and spilled her noodle  on Gio’s head. “why do i have to care. This is me and this is my life.” Answered Vany. She pull Gita’s hand and take far from that place.

Gio was getting angry.

“Puihhhh…” he just go away with his mad.

The situation infront of annoucement bord is so crowded. “What kind of annoucement is that? What are they looking at?” asked Van. I don’t know. Let us see it.

They go ahead near the  annoucement bord.

Wuihhhhh… “I love this announcement. Promnight will be held on tomorrow night.”  Gita scream.

“What? Promnight? Oh God. I hate it soooo…. much. What is the theme?“ Vany was feeling disatisification.

“Yes dear. The theme is Kingdom in the castle. So we have to wear dress likes princess have to wear. Why? This our last chance in this school and this is you challenge to figt what they all have said to you. Your time to show it up. Who are you.

“But, it is very troubel for me. I don’t know what kind of cloth that i have to wear. I don’t know how to make my face up. I hate this and i hate this kaind of party and i’m not me.” Vany’s complaining.

“Oh ya.. ugly girl you have to follow the regulation. I know you so well, you can’t do it. This not your stayle. Enjoy it buddy. Hahaha “ mocked by Klara.

Vany is getting mad. She hate all the things around her. Only Gita that support her style.  Everyone is mocking her. Especially Klara and friends. Everyone is laughing her. They underestimate Vany.

“I won’t join this kind of party. I can’t. I don’t have any cloth. Ok fine on the fact, I’m a girl but my style is like this, never looks like a girl.  I know them so well, they will mock me. No no and no. I will not join it. “ said Vany.

“Come on buddy, you look so silly, you’re girl. Prove it if you the real girl who has special thing that other girls don’t have it.” Gita’s motivating.

They are walking together, go  ahead and suddenly they meet Gio. “hello ugly girl, you look so mad, what’s the metter?” said Gio.

“Shut up,”  vany is getting angry.

“I know you so well, it is impossible for you to wear a dress, looks like prinsecess, use any acsessorices, and looks tidy. And this is it. I like this moment. It will be the most amusing thing ever for me and all students. Am i right? Yayaya. But i’m not sure if you interseted in this kind of party, and the most important one is you are unacceptable to this party, you won’t be able to do that and you will not have a couple, because none wanna be with you. Hello girl, you’re the beast girl that  i have meet, eventhough you are girl, but your appereance is not like girl.” mocked Gio with bad expression.




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