WHO SAYS ? part II

By Nadya Anggraini


Back to her home, Vany is crying. She hates her own personality. She wants to be like other girl but she know it. It is too late. Everyone will be shock of that. Honestly she enjoy with her actions and she feel comfort with her own characteristic that mostly different with other girls.

Vany is realy realy getting mad with Gio that mock her with some pain words. She hates Gio so bad.

“Come on dear, you look so silly. Prove it if you can. Who says you’re no perfect, who says you’re not pretty, who says you’re not beauty . Listen to me, listen to me. Who says you can’t prove it. Could you tell me who said that? I’ll be your guardian next night. Tomorrow let us buy everything which we need, learn how the way to speach while being a princess, how the way princess walk, how and other how. “ motivated Gita

Vany is just smile. “No reason for me don’t join this party, i trust you dear. I bealive i can prove it. God, please guide me. Come on Vany, Spirit! You can.” Said  Vany for her self.

A few hour before the party is helding, Gita has done everything for her appereances, next she guide Vany how to be a real girl, she dress Vany up. She makes her up. A second next everything is done.

“waw dear, you look so amaze with your high heals, you look so pretty in purple. It is magic, you know. I can’t believe if it is happening. Is it a dream? No no no, this is real and hurry up look at  the mirror , look at you self.”  Amazed Gita

“waww, am i Vany?” smiled Vany

Oke buddy, don’t waste our time, let’s go and make them all amaze with you. “but i feel uncomfort” said Vany.

“No, you are Vany. The real of you. Don’t forget to use your purple mask! The  additional rule is we have to use our mask until the party is off.” said Gita.

They are coming to the party, everyeyes are looking at Vany, they all reckon if that is Klara.

Aside of that, Klara is wearing red dress and use red mask. She looks so enjoy and  she presume if Vany will not come because she just see Gita, but she can’t recognise which one is Vany actually.

In that night, Gio is wearing gray coat with dark purple mask and purple tie. He looks so handsome and dashing among other boys.

Last step from that party is the announcement of king and queen of promnight this year.

“The King is ………. GI..OOO” annouced Committee

And the “Queen is….. guess her! Who is she?” ask announcer

(not the end of the story)


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