The Way You Love us – Part I

By Nadya Anggraini


Today, i’m so lazy to go to the school. Seems like other week s before, i must  face Chemistry lesson. The killer lesson for every science students.. Actually there is nothing wrong with this lesson, if the one who teach it is not Mr. Andreas. Without bring book, paper, dan other tools, he just come and directly start the lesson.

Every tuesday, chemistry always become our breakfast. Start with discouraged face, we saw him come to the class. Without waste the time and energy, he explain the hard lesson. Just like a unimaginative person that completed by microchip high quality, he talk quickly about reaction and oxidation numbers.

“oke, let us explore it more to the next chapter about reaction and oxidation numbers. Keep writing in your notebook” said Mr Andreas

Without more command, we all directly put out our book and keep writing everything from what he said. I’m being tired, my hand is being painful without energy because take care of lesson with speed 60 km/hour.

“I catch nothing from this lesson. I don’t understand at all.” Said Alfredo smoothly

“yeah, you’re right. Nothing can be accepted in to my brain” said Doni that sit behind my seat. “Any question so far? Ask Mr Andreas suddenly.

Suddenly, all students are motionless. A few second next he directly continued his explanation. Don’t hope a breakt time, eventhough just  a few second.

“Show me, what is that? Thing is in you  pecket.”asked Mr. Andreas. When Della is busy with her job under the desk.

“Nothing.” Said Della with anxious face.

“Do you think i didn’t see you? Let me take this tool.” Said Mr. Andreas.

Day by day is running faster. And now is Friday. Mathematics lesson is done earlier and Mr. Andreas is coming to the class.  My face is like usual, flat and without any spirit .

“Rearrange your table and be ready we’ll have exam.” Ask Mr.Andreas

“How a crazy thing. What kin of question is this?” Screamed Albertus

“Oh Babeh, the question is so hard.” Compalined Della

“yaya , this is your misery. Why don’t you study?” answered Mr. Andreas

I pray in my heart “What kind of questins is this God. I do hope mya guessing is correct and I can shoot the mulitipule choice correctly.”

My other friends answered the question fluently. The time is over and we have to submit it. I can’t say anything about the result later.

Babeh is our epithet for Mr. Adreas. Our special calling to show if we have been closer each other. Mr.  Andreas is fine and just receive it with smile because he knows if that is as a mark for him if we love him so much. With his mysterious way he is our guardian angle. He always use glasses  and never talk loudly eventhough he never thinks about his students and teach with his own way. The way that boring way for us.



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