The Way You Love us – Part II

By Nadya Anggraini

untuk kompos

Once upon time,  I have to join the comtition and i have to find the resources as refrenci. I have to borrow the ensiclopedia. But bu Rara is so stingy and one of killer teachers. I ask Mr Andreas and  opportunely he is my advisor.

Without other action, she directly lend the book to me when Mr. Andreas ask that. Mr. Andreas guide me and accompany me until i heve made scientific paper. “Read this, and find you best idea for it!” asked him

When Mr. Andreas distribute the result. I can guess it. I got the most fantastic score i got 15 that formed big written on the paper result. I hate this an i hate chemistry. And this case make me hate more with Mr. Andreas.

“Babeh, your correction is wrong.” Complained Della

“yes, i’ll re-correct it soon!” answered  Mr. Andreas

Mr. Andreas is the most patient teacher that i have meet. And the most aggravate person.  Mocked and contemptibled by other and he jut responded it with smile.

One night i have to stay in the school to finished my scientific project. With his loyality, he accompany me and guide me until midnight.

I can finished my project, and next day i submit the form and the paper. I join scientific project competition.

Day that i wait for is coming. The annoucement of competitin is has been annouced. I got it. I’m the choosen one. I join the next level of that this coming Monday.

Until the last selection and presentation step I can pass it and I’m being the 2nd winner, I got silver medal.

I have to say lots thanks to Mr. Andreas because without him I’m nothing. I won’t be like this. I was wrong if hate Mr. Andreas. He is kind. That was my mistake if got low score in Chemistry lesson.

The way Mr. Andreas love us is different, he doesn’t show it directly but with his own action he loves us.


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